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lately all my troubles seem so far away...

i am a hundred percent positive that if my mom sees my blog she will be very VEEEEEERY mad at 
me... but i promise my butt didn't got to touch the stove...

this is some sort of monument that i am not sure what it is about... it is located in the park nearby my 

this vest i got on a tiny shop at this town in Jalisco long ago for only a small amount of money and i 
wasnt sure why i got it... now i love it... the fur is soooo soft... and it has got some crochet details...
blouse: MNG
Jeans: pull&bear
bootiiies: Zara

this hat is not shaped like this... in fact its very ladylikeish but all i did what lift the edges and it was a bowler hat...
hat: my sisters...
spectacles: my sis
military cape: Tommy Hilfiger
jeans and boots: Zara

love love looooooooooove this huge blazer that my mom wore even while she was expecting me... there
 are pictures to prove it
shirt: Guess
Leggings: AA
boots: Zara

this is what i wore for school one day... this seems as if i was warm enough but it was so not like that...
vest: express (in fact i edited the shoulders so it looked like if it had shoulder pads)
dress: pepe jeans
thights: leggings in fact... AA
boots: my moms from LOB (local store... by local i mean like its only in mexico i believe)
belt: Pull


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  2. Thanks for the comment!

    This is a cute blog. I love those blue boots!

    :) Ashley