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Hey mickey you are so fine

so fine you blow my mind...
my sister got this sweatshirt at forever21 this holidays and i just took it away from her because is 
perfectly warm...
and cute but i feel bad for getting this chloe boots lookalike... 
now i am thankful i got them cuz they are comfy...

hat: local mall store
sunglasses: store at Zacatecas
sweatshirt and shoes: forever21
bag: Marc Jacobs
jeans: Pull


  1. I'm seriously surprised those boots are forever 21. The sad part is I've probably seen them before and thought they sucked. Some shoes just take on a whole new life on feet!

  2. i know! but i was totally against getting them cuz they are chloe´s knocks but i have no regrets now... so comfy