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The Aviator

so this past week has been pouring rain... no sun at all!!! grey grey grey... i needed 
sunshine!!! so i lived all covered with a puffyjacket and boots... but today yeeeeeeeeah we 
got a cleaaaaar sky and lots of sunshine... i never really cared about cold weather this much
 but i realized i am cold if my ears are cold... and i would have had been warmer if i wore this
 hat... ohhh life... i just found it today...

hat: Reebook (random i know)
Sunnies: Vintage
sweatshirt: Old-Vintage
Jacket & jeans: Pull&bear
Boots: localshoemanufacturer


  1. i love your blog:)))thanks for your sweet comment on mine:)

  2. thank you for commenting back... did you check out my babiiies? we share the sunglasses addiction