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Old, New... time is only perception

walking down the street, in fact the street where my mom lived when young and met my father(this is only a block away from there), i saw this place that's supposed to be haunted... maybe that's why it was more appealing for me to take a picture there.
bandeau top: was my mom's... u know me i love to dig at her closet...
jeans: they are one of my most precious finds while thrifting... high waisted-jeans-bellbottom-and! the brand is Charlie's Angels hahahahaha
shoes: Chloé silverado wegde anckle boot
sunnies: vintage


  1. awesome jeans, i've never heard of that brand before ! How i wish my mother kept her clothes :(

  2. lizzie, donde conseguiste tus jeans? están increibles.

  3. Ay querida anonima!!!
    [me hubieras puesto un mail para que pudiera decirte!]
    en un puestito donde vendian ropa vieja… estos eran como de almacen muerto… estaban nuevos!!!
    son viejisimos porque son hasta de esa dura que no estira nadita!!! me estrujan cañon!
    me costaron 15 pesos y le tuve que cambiar el cierre porque lo fregué al pelear y querer entrar en ellos a la fuerza! me salio mas cara la reparada que ni los mismos pantalones hahahha