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Sol, Arena y Maaaaaar

This weekend i went to the beach y'all!!! Vallarta to be more specific, even though cloudy, it was a great break.
i never learnt to swim when i was little but i fought my fear and let myself go and now i feel like i cant decently say i know how to float and at least move around the pool and not drowning, quite proud of myself...and it only took me a couple of hours! yeah!!
whenever i'm determined to do something i get no rest till i accomplish it, just like when i learnt to ride the bike, i did it in a afternoon all by myself, of course i fell an scratched my knees but i got up and move on... i wanna be like that again, i need to stop taking myself too seriously i mean i'm still 19!
sunnies: Burberry
shirt: way too old, my favorite(and my mom's nightmare) AEO T-shirt
shorts: Pull&Bear
Sandals: they hurt my feet waaaaay too bad...
bag: Marc Jacobs


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