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Turquoise... just because Pantone said so

not really, but i`ve always had a thing for teal, currently a love-hate relationship but we try to get on it.

the story behind this shoes is amazing... i went to this fair for materials for shoe manufacture here in my city... so i was rooming around at the platform-heel department when i spotted this shoes, i recognized them from their bubble like form, ss 09 gucci exotica collection... when i first saw this shoes worn was at Jane's blog calling them pregnant shoes... i wasn't quite sure of them until i tried them on... perfect fit... my size and even though i was trying to ignore it but i really have a thing for teal... i asked why they had just one pair at the exhibit and the guy told me that they get designer shoes to get the molds (at that moment my heart stopped not only cuz he said they destroyed one foot to get the mold but because thats piracy!!! i mean i am a designer and i am not a big fan of getting money from stealing somebody else's ideas) but he told me that because none seemed interested in them they still had both of them... i gave the guy my number (no he was not hot) and i got a call the next day telling me they could sell them to me and believe me i got a sweeeeeeeeeet deal on this babies...
they are so comfortable and sky high!!! i took them to the beach this spring break and took this photos... they seemed to be wave free from the distance where i was taking the shots but then a huge wave hit us and thank God i caught them on time before it was too late and my sweet deal would have gone only god knows were... now they are dry and look as if nothing ever happened... i just love shoes... THAT's ALL

in this photo i look so short... im not tall at all but with this shoes i am supposed to look mille long...
top: local store
Skirt: Armani
Sunnies: Walmart
shoes: Gucci palmas mary jane pump ss 09 Exotica collection
necklace: Anahata Collection... designed and made by my school team


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