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YSL divine ankle suede elastic boot AW 09

One of the things that fascinate me is to wonder how things or people reunite as a consequence or destiny if u wanna call it that way.
i first tried this shoes at San Antonio this Winter and were in major discount... me being so undecided never went back to get them. so a week l8r my aunt went to SA too and i even got to talk to the sales person at the shoe department were i tried them but they had just shipped them to the outlet in BEVERLY HILLS!!! i mean ohhhh destiny... u are so tricky!
then my search started at ebay... i was an ebay newborn just because i wanted this shoes, the more i thought about them the more i wanted them... u know human behavior... forbidden awakes pleasure... so i found them in my size but auctioning, i set my limit of to 400 and later i received a email telling me u won... but due to the fact that my card was new i needed the frickin paypal code, it took me more that 3 weeks to finally get it because it was an international matter and codes didnt showed and i lost the chance to get them because it was too late.
the seller told me that if i was still interested in them and because all my savings were in my card still i completed the process in a second cuz i wanted them for real, i wondered why she stil had them and told me that they were meant to be a Christmas gift but that there was a slight change of plans and placed them up on ebay, but that afted my acution was closed there was a protection of 30 days for putting them up again... so they were meant to be mine... and they were shipped from west hollywood...


  1. Wow! Great shoes ñ_ñ


    theyre so beautiful
    loving your blog, keep it going
    and thanks for sharing, so wonderful!


  3. These are perfect! So glad you got them in the end!

  4. I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    High street + Couture =

  5. Beautiful shoes.
    i like them.