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Fendi ss08 cage-metal-link heel sandals

this just arrived today... i remember the fist time i saw them and it was back in ss09 at the saks outlet here in my city (which is not here anymore it was just for 3 months, i was just available to pay for the Chloe ones because they where the cheapest of the buch) and i remember this really caught me because of the heel but even if they where with an extra 50% off i just was not gonna get them in a thousand years believe me they where just $skyhigh$ but a month ago or so i saw them on eBay... for like 7x less of what they where here including shipping... so i just said yes... 
with Chanel rose insolent nail vernis


  1. Ok WOW those are gorgeous... Sometimes we need to wait for the right moment to get the things we want!
    Me encanta tu blog ;)