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i loved the tweet that the ManRepeller posted some time ago...
'My doctor just asked me if I'm currently taking any contraceptives. I pointed at my shoes, hehe.'
that sumarises my love life as of late LMAO
its kind of funny for me how when i look at this photos i'll remember what i lived back that day:
went to pick up this lenses at my ophthalmologist, then my friends came to visit me for a meeting at my town because my truck collapsed for like 3 weeks ago... we went to eat some seafood at a quite pictoresque place... later i went to visit a friend who just left to Cali... LA, The OC to be precise and had tons of pizza and cake, played this hilarious game, we kept laughing for hours, it sure was good.
and i couldnt help but wonder, no matter how lost you may feel, past comes to you to remind you where in the present you are now? i think so... and i am so glad it did... now i know better than ever where i am...

i uploaded this photos with flickr... not sure if i'll do this again... i think ill stick to photobucket (maybe not)


  1. que linda la combinación de colores <3 hermosos los pantalones