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über upset

this has not only been the last week of my school-brake (up), i had a minor surgery to get my wisdom tooth removed (imagine me with a über swollen cheek plus my non-ability to consume chewable food... existing only by eating ice-cream, actually frozen yogurt, thought my favorite is green tea i ventured and tried other flavors... nope, green tea will always be a fav, and açai. The worst thing was that all my photos died... my camera said the card was not in the proper format so its not even recognized by ANY computer... and i had a really cool photo shoot... at my favorite place in this town (that btw has me hating it wholeheartfully there's NOTHING HERE) (if you follow my timeline in my twitter u will know why)
well so no photos but this ones this is what i've been living in: this alpaca sweater my dad bought in Peru... latex leggings and ewwws (aka uggs)... perfect for staying warm and ready to go out to grab something to eat (actually ice-cream is only 'let it melt in your mouth, and swallow)
i want this so i can add them to my family, they light up!!!


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