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A bit behind

oumaigoch... well this weekend was A-list... at first my sat was all about post-dentist depression, but then i got some invites to this fashionrunwaything and i knew my friends would be all into it... and so we jumped into the van wagon of eye-candy (for my male friends there was this really cute.good.looking girls and for my girl and moi there were MAN! yeap we had so much fun... saying nonsensicstupidstuff and it couldnt end better but with a cocktail afterrunwaything

well here's my outfit... i've been on a 'lets.wear.colors.more.ofter.without.feeling.threatened' phase... i love this phase so far... lets see where it takes me Ü
and because someone told me about my mouthless.smileless photos so here i am taking a shot at smiling... hey! its a progress... Ü
i need to desperately wash my MarcJacobs bag ASAP... poor thing i've abused it so much lately... and i think its a good sign... and truthbetold i have a thing for yellow that gets bigger by day...
yeap... my original-fake CarolinaHerrera CH bracelet... i took off the cuff that surrounds the perfumebottle and added this button... i like it so far... its just how i envisioned it...
aw dont u just love this birdies... everytime i look at them, in my mind i start tweeting tuituituitiii Ü
and yes i love socks... arent they perfect for my Chloe's? i insist, those little things make my days better...
this is a better look to my socks Ü
the ambar hanging on a red string called me to own it... so far so good ;)


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