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in case you've been wondering...

i just got back from a flash trip to MexicoCity=DF i love it... had some awesome time there... (if you mind my twitter timeline is fed 24/7 with all the insidescoop to my daily stupidity Ü)
i'll post my favorite moments later this week... but for now i'll do some 'beauty-post'
i rarely look as if i had some makeup on... and thats because i dont do it at all... somedays...
however, i love makeup (seriously i love the packaging and textures and colors and...)
i cant leave the house if at least i've put my mascara on (what a big fat lie... this past days i havent even seen my lashes longer-fuller) because i have really tiny lashes that need help
eyeshadows are super cool when application-techniques are mastered if not otherwise
lip.anything is lovely but i continuously end up looking mouthless... need to work on that
NAILPOLISH... need i say i have a growing addiction to it... i just cheated on my Chanel collection adding my Dior one... i still like Chanel better, so Peter dont worry, i'm still loyal to you Ü


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