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Lizzie Mouse

when i was born it was hard for me to come out on my own... so they pulled me out with the help of the 'forceps', so my first days of life I was sporting some Minnie mouse ears...
So I got nicked named As Lizzie Mouse by my dear uncle...
The other day I went to the dollar store and found this ears, to tell the truth I wasted to play dress-up plus it worked the clothes I was wearing...
I went out the store with them on, weird stares were on... I didn't quite cared because I thought that deep down all the people who saw me were smiling and their day had changed, maybe a new anecdote to tell once they got home... At the groceries a little girl gave me a smile I will never forget... Ü
This Chanel coat is a thrift I proudly snagged... Real, fake... Don't know... Well constructed? Hell yes! It even has a inner pocket to store my phone...
White T by YSL, vintage rings + MarcJacobs+Maripol ring, old cuff, MassimoDutti glovewithlaces(that's how I call them because they are super comfs) guess purse


  1. soy de venezuela. que lindo tu blog, me encantaron los anillos, mi hermana tiene el mismo bolso, pero en otro color :)