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Remainders are what keeps us from mistaking over and over...

This past weekend i went to MexicoCity=DF and had the time of my life... and i have to sate that after NY, DF is one of my top places... i just love urbanity, mobility, and everything of this like...
so the reason i took this trip was visiting museums along with my classmates, and let me tell ya, i love them...
i adore museums... art is for me a perfect way to translate abstract/corrosive feelings to beauty/tangible pieces... and yes aesthetic is the main keypoint at this equation...
The museum of memory and tolerance is one of those places that for me doesnot brake paradigms, it just transformed them... in such a beautiful way... i hope im being clear... if not, photos will do justice Ü
such a clean, honest (because of the materials...[such an amazing man-made material]), and well thought use of space... i have no inquires to add...
this is a finger print...
the view of the lobby... where our tour guide was waiting for the sign for our experience to begin Ü
meanwhile i enjoyed the view... this place is right infront of the 'Alameda' where terrible violent acts took place, BellasArtes is that building on the left... so beautifully decadent... the Latinoamericana tower... and right next to the SupremeCourtOfJustice... quite strategical location due to the information thats about to hit you...

well apart from the through-the-glass view, there was quite a beautiful in-door sightseeing... this is 2nd floor, the restaurant!!!

i had to sit... enjoy this view understanding everything through the ambiance created for us to presence...


look at this bar... fruit bar Ü im a fruittoholic btw... so u now can imagine this was quite a feast

organic lettuce... yeap, from its cradle to your plate to your tummy Ü
abruptly as this may seem for you, dont worry it was just as hard for me as well,  to feel all this purity just to be drowned into a cruel truth...
this museum is about genocide... this cancer that rapidly spreads and causes a lot of deaths... we cant block this events because if we forget (or deny ourselves from reality) we will likely end up acting or thinking the same way... so we need remainders...
as for me... this was such a vivid experience, not only because of the theme... but honestly understood the power color has over our mood... woot?!  i needed some color urgently... but the museum is perfectly thought and executed that there was no other way...
and yes, this is a real wagon... used to bring people from their homes to Auschwitz...
je suis tres desolé but in my defense i was not 'that' much in the mood to take photos because i could get lost in my mind and loose side-track of the guided tour... but after being completely IN the whole 'context' you get to this beautiful place... peaceful... ambiance?! created by this gorgeous piece that represents 'suspended souls' of the thousands of kids who died on the Holocaust... gorge...
and yes! its inside this cube Ü so its not just for eyecandy... its for soul-recovery ;)
please visit... you wont regret Ü
[Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia in Mexico City]


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