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Ch...Ch..Ch... Changes Changes

every action comes with its correspondent reaction, thats crystal clear to me now that i've taken such an important decision... it could be said that i quit school, but i dont like how that sounds... because quitting stands for weakness, and i aint lying when i say i'm a bit scared, but i aint running away from it... instead im in search for challenge... for me a paper (in this case a school certificate) means nothing if i obtain it from a place where i dont share the same philosophy... moral philosophy...
i know institutions are dirty business... but i refuse to remain where i am constantly uncomfortable with the quality of their service, which by the way, im paying for...
so now that things are done, the deal is sealed, i have to look up for options... whether its work or school... but i definitely need to put my paws on the wheel before i miss the bus Ü


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