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ColorBlocking with grey Ü

yes i did it again... and im not talking about taking pictures of items... i mean, yes i did it again, but! i used the same colorscheme as last time... well at least there's a pic of my make up... this is by far my favorite eyeliner... i have it since... maybe 3 years ago and it's still creamy and smooth, love it Ü
the new Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick is really nice... the shade i tried is MonteCarlo.
and this case i got for my iPhone is really nice, yet its useless now, since the rubber thingy is now detached... buuuuummer :(
zara tshirt and trousers
local shoe brand
vintage bag (its really nice... acrylic case is grey Ü
Phillippe Starck for Fosil Watch
Miss Dior Cheri bow i turned into ring