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AsOfLate i've been experiencing a humongous crush on anything fluo... specially pink [and yellow and blue] so it was quite pleasant to receive this A-mazingly cute notepad...
Since i can remember i knew about design without knowing it was an industry... i knew about art without knowing it was a for of expression that reflected the current-society's-status ... and i knew about Warhol before i knew he was a groundbreaking·pop·culture·phenomenon + i knew about Marilyn Monroe without knowing she was a sex·simbol... i was just too young for labeling...
and truth·be·told i rarely get gifts... and maybe that's why i love them so much... somehow when people know me well [i might be an enigma on the surface but easy to pass through it] they know simple things like this, oh·boy they left me speechless...
yes... they are different shades... oh common! 
How·lovely·is·my·friend that she even wrote something on the second sheet... 'For the brief stories to tell or for the quotes that have changed our stories...Alice' OMG loved it 
sneak pic to my undies...and pink lips 
sidenote: i got my tragus piercing done aswell... pretty painless so far... loved the stud-look-a-like-to-my-Alexander-Wang-Rocco-studs



  1. LOVE the colour! Thanks for the follow dear! Great blog! XO Raspberry & Rouge