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The simplest things in life

are the ones that make me smile Ü simple items [that no matter what] always do the trick to inspire me... 
so, i have to set the record [again] straight[er]... lately i've been thinking A-LOT and this is what i've come up to...
Design is not a profession... its a mind-state... school's labor is to show u the techniques... the processes- creative & construction wise, communication- through words & shapes...
somehow i also believe there's a huge mistake when institutions started segmenting design skills, they should not be done that way... the creativity when solving -anything- should be integral... in a way that -thanks to the person's perception and cultural aperture- can lead to a more structural-meets-strategic solution... strategic design is what the problem  needs to be adressed to... somehow this might not make sense today, but later u'll see what this leads to...
ok... back to the main [vain-yet-not-so-empty] issue here... SOCKS! yes... i'm obsessed, and i just cant help it... and wont even try to.
look at this beautiful [yes, i did like this oh-so-very-much because its-oh-so-clean-and-black&white] + the first 3 are full on trend -color-blocked- [designed by Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh]
and for those who wondered... i DO shower! from time to time, yes!
[ok... i'll try to stop fooling around...] this shower loofah [i find it more fun than bath sponge] is so me! yes me! the yellow is a 'fluorescent' yellow... AND the blue is a Klein blue-
ok first i need to let you know why this color has a lastname! for those of u who know, u can just ignore this whole blablabla, BUT for those who are still in the hall-of-shame-because-u-are-so-ignorant please remain calm, u will now consider this blog as your door to knowledge... ok no but yes!
Yves Klein was a french neo-dadaist who patented International Klein Blue [click its fun Ü] after the excessive [ab]use he gave to the color in his monochromatic first masterpieces...most of his work has a strong inspiration in zen philosophy... that he described as 'Le vide' [or the Void] which is a muted nirvana state... in where u are only aware of your senses...
the thing i loved the most about his 'phylosophic materializations' was that he loved presenting his work over pieces considered as art but without the content, such as paintings without paint, books without words, music compositions without music... and that way the piece is left only with its shell... the object leaving only its absence... [talk about a romantic view of life]
and yes... fluo yellow is a badass-hardtophotograph color... but love it still Ü


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