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Black Song

First of all, i need to mention i've waited way too long to get this pic [1st one] but it wasnt until yesterday that the struggle was ended, due to a mail i got from my friend who stole it from the owner of the camera that snapped this 'infraganti' shot... 
[need i say the email was tittled 'surprise' ... my heart skipped a beat filled with joy
[so yes, thank u my dear thief·friend Dalia & thank u camera·owner Cisco]
[this last 2 are courtesy of my [i·just·remembered·he·has·my·whiteliesCD] friend Betirou]
[Chanel·2·in·1·button·up + Fendi·wide·legged·trousers + YSL·divine·boots]
[and yes! the tittle is the name of the White Lies album 'DEATH'... today i fell in love again]


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