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LeObjectDJour + TenueDePreference

And yes, im a white Tshirt lover... and wear them for lazy days... like this which is a bit lame considering they are my last days as a 20yearold... well back onto the shirt:
i dont fancy statement tshirts... like this one... but what i liked lays in the back...
[i wont deny it i kinda fell for this dude here: the planet cartoon... SO FUNNY]
i also like the stitching on the sides... nice combo:
overallwhite + green graphics + gray stitches + gray printed tag 
this back detail makes it up for me... its a tshirt made out of:
[yes its a bit blurry but ill describe it]
water bottles + organic cotton = tshirt

this 'justifies' the front:
the bottles used for this shirt are the ones collected at the state university... so i'm ok with it... 
[i would be TOTALLY INTO IT if there was no front overtaking print and just a side panel detail and this back and that was enough... 
but somehow they think that in orde to 'educate' people they have to OVERTAKE the visuals... 
DETAILS PEOPLE!!! suggestive details makes up for attention... 
rather than going for the ovbious u better work on unexpected details...]
Snapbucket,Filter: Vintage,Effect: Orange Bokeh,My House,Vignette: Rough Black,Frame: Rounded White,Original
and this little work art-piece is from my iphone... im playing around with apps... CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW IOS 5!!!


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