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Boisbuchet day3

this might not be as epic as all the food we had there, but let me tell you, we all over ate and none cared about tight pants because the chef [or as he prefers 'cook'] was a GENIUS hands down a real feast
[yes, the water is just to visualize a healthy lifestyle, but we also had tons of wine… rouge, blanc et beeeeeer every night]
 oh yeah… thats the place… the iconic place… the middle of nowhere, where everything and everyone from everywhere changed… the only good comforting thing is that what happens in Boisbuchet, is not staying only in Boisbuchet…
 went with rose+izabella for a walk and went to the river…
 yes, my old shoes… another lake…
 and this happens as well after too much alcohol and staying up all night long…


  1. que lindas fotos, en especial la segunda esta increible!!!

    1. con mi iPhone… lo extraño.
      vivi tantas cosas con el… y gracias a el.

  2. i have to point out that it was because we had been working too hard.. :)