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Colette's water-bar restaurant… the consumption diary

whats not to love about Colette…
i mean, for me its perfect… the first EVER lifestyle concept store… located in Rue Saint Honoré… 
first of all… the smell!!! as soon as you approach the door theres a scent that WOAH its so fresh-clean yet unique… i swear there's no other scent i'd rather smell whenever i enter a room! [the perfume is available and the name is l'air de Colette]
ok now you are inside the store… yes, there are customers trying to find something to take home… there's always something affordable in the main floor… there are small rarities, cd's + dvd's [blue ray excusez-moi] sunglasses… candles… BOOKS!!! tshirts… 
upstairs… that's my temple! the staff members are part of the deco… i bet they are! they blend perfectly with the outfits displayed carefully and perfectly arranged… the rails are just black and white perfectly constructed pieces… need i mention the brands? Comme des Garçons [i scored a pair of shorts shhhh] Piere Hardy sneaks… Givenchy clothes and shoes… Giuseppe Zanotti… and so on… Celine! well just strategic pieces… the jewelry! i swear everything is flawless… [well the prices are a bit high but they are worth it… the experience is unique] 
i was lucky enough that when i visited the place with Aaron, Rose and Izabella there was this exhibition and David Mushegain was there!!! he's a famous tattoo artist from USA… i almost get my first tattoo… but it was just way too cool for me…

ok DOWNSTAIRS!!! the restaurant… ok no… cross that… the water-bar!
not sure if it was the flavor that kept me coming back… the staff members or the ambiance… i think all the above… 
the ingredients are fresh… healthy… french cuisine at its best! 
the staff!!! always nice and charming! always welcoming! the boss Marco was so nice to me! too bad i dont know his lastname… but my favorite garçon was Giorgio! after having me at least 4 times a week i gave up on chosing my dish… so i let him do the job… and he even mentioned 'today we are going to try…' or 'today we are having…' i mean what?! WE?! are we now a team?! i guess we were!!!
the ambiance… surreal!!! one day i was sitting next to Emmanuelle Alt… you know casual! she's just the editor in chief of French Vogue… the next day i was linning right behind her for a sit… obvs she got there before the girls before her… but so did i! the boss came to me and because i was a loyal customer he did the same with me… i felt so special! that's why its my favorite 'new young parisian scene' place…
the best croque madame i've had so far… i tried it in different places… and this was the best
the day i had this i met this lovely gentleman who's name was Paul and for what i understood he's a famous hairstylist from Paris working in London and i bet he is very well known… too bad [or too good] i had no idea who he was… but u know we talked just about life and never cared about the portfolio background at all…
oh this pasta was sin-less :D too good to do any calorie counting!
well i just balanced it out with my Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola light special edition bottle!!!
oh yes… the chocolat! 
 this was good! though at first i was like 'ok, maybe this whole 'you-chose' thing is not such a good idea after all' but i must say… it was perfect! a bit of tuna… mozarella… cheese… bread and water!
 and my last summer11 dish… the dessert!!!
if anyone knows how to contact Giorgio please let him know that i LOVE him! 
thank you ;D
this i've posted before… but they deserve their place in this post :D


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