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day 6…

so, saturday was so different… i stayed at the station till noon waiting for 2 lovely ladies who live in texas and coming to the summerthingy as well… i told them that if they'd like to stay here at my place so that we could hang all through the day, so when they got here we did some quick coffee and headed out downtown… we stopped at the Luxemburg metrostation and had lunch at this nice place right across the street from the Luxemburg gardens… cool atmosphere :D
 we then headed to the Institut du mode arab, which is one of the first buildings with a inteligent skin… and there is a temporary exhibit with the Zaha Hadid pavilion… MUST SEE, there we met up with Aaron… then it was us 4 around town…
 had a couple of drinks at Colette… another bottle ;D
 and when u get something to someone, not bcause its a souvenir, but because you couldnt part without getting that item [or sometimes i like to take special phootos that reflects the ambiance or mood im sensing and the person im thinking about that i'd wish was there ith me sharing that moment, that for me makes the best gifts] so i saw this last goldden bottle from the special edition Daft punk did teaming up with cocacola, and i knew my dear friend loved theirmusic+hecollectsspecialeditionbottles so it screamed his name on me… i love them too but, they belong to him ;)
we did LOTS, so… now its about heading to Poitiers and then waiting for a pickup to take us to the place we'll stay in… i'll try to post everything if i can, so… l8r alli8r


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