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Les Deux Plateaux by Daniel Buren

this art instalation in the courtyard of the Palais Royal is iconic and most of the tourists just stop here… if u are ever here go all the way into the Jardin… but thats for another post ;D
 this pic was a true challenge… lots of people and none i could trust and ask for a photo, so i placed my camera on the top of one of the columns and self-timer was the only option…
 love the hood on this jacket… its from the +J UNIQLO line with Jill Sander… too bad this is the last collection… the pieces… i wanted them all!!!!

 now the use and abuse from the excessive wear i've given to this sneakers is obvious but still… they have more steps left for us to take
+J sweatshirt · UNIQLO jeans · CDG BLACK bag · Pierre Hardy sneakers · CHANEL lenses


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