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Our life in Paris after Boisbuchet

a casual visit at the apartment i rented… this is Dean, another participant of the POD
having lunch :D
 the +J Jil Sander for UNIQLO hod is so cool… yes the one on the back is me…
a not so glamourous pic of me devouring my bread at the Etienne Marcel restaurant…
 our last minutes together by the river… my upset face can say it all… i will miss this guy…
2 thumbs down… there's even a pic where i flipped my fingers at him… which means i went from denial, to sadness and finished at aggressiveness… and then comes the day after where i was all post-depression mode… but u dont need to see that ;)


  1. Look who I found.

    Product of life after Boisbuchet.

  2. uhhh darling!!! welcome to my little diary…
    oh the life we had!!!
    BTW love your 'product of life after Boisbuchet'