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Balenciaga 2011 glove sandals

unbelievable simple and minimalistic… this is the ultimate take on the new aesthetic…
Pierre Hardy you are a genius!

i picked up these shoes for my mother while in Paris… i knew she loved them since the first time she ever layed her eyes on them [last year… though this year they were suede not polished leather]
i was searching for this boutique located in Le Marais… LOBATO…
first the windows displays are covered by a white canvas… so i thought 'damn, this is not here' but then i saw this little door bell and i tried… after that this lovely man came and opened the door… Miguel!!!
i saw Margiela… Sander… Balenciaga!!! HEAVEN
and that was it… i had the perfect excuse to shop there…
my b*day gift to my mom!!! [her birthday was july31st]


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