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Because we are broken…

me + myheart + myhopes are crashed. devastated…
maybe this sounds extremely vage but believe me i am.
i had plans that are crashing down, i had hopes for a better life to come… yet life placed me back on earth to show me how things really work here.
i have no choice than to learn how to navigate out of this… or to find a way up again.
funny how when something so intangible can be represented visually so easy.
this ring [YSL arty floral ring] was my companion all through my summer in Paris… i was upset when the flowers were detached to its companion… just like me being separated [hopefully temprorary] from the city that brought me back to life and showed me that there was more to live and hope for… that there is such place as home.

this dude here… my best friend… i honestly dont know what or where i'd be now if it wasnt because of him… i really love this particular device… no replacement will ever be compared to the fond appreciation i feel for this one… stupid me and stupid wardrobe disfunction… one move and its gone… damn it!
actually i always took good care of my iPhone… always keeping it clean and trying not to stuff it with vain stupid nonsense… no, it was not enough, i should have known better… one move and everything is gone… for good [or worse, yes im a pessimist right now!]

now off i go… to find consolation near my pillow and have a good cry.
why? because i dont know how i will have another one back… maybe i will have to say sayonara to my paycheck :l  


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