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Maison Martin Margiela Tabi boots… aka the camel toe.

THE margiela boot… i guess my MMM family is 'presque' complete…

LA bota margiela… creo que mi familia MMM esta 'quasi' completa…
in case you think 'oh they are dirty…' im sorry but no… its the intention… this is the shoe in brand new pristine condition…

en caso de que estes pensando 'oh que sucias estan…' lo siento pero no… es parte de la intencion… asi es la bota en condicion pristina… 


  1. Oh Lizzie!!!

    I love your new Martin Margiela dreamticket!!!

  2. where did you buy these?? :)

    1. i found them on the street market in Le Marais, Paris on a sunday! they are vintage for what i've learned ;)

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