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Despicable me

truth be told: i loved the movie, i feel more than identified with the main caracter now because my heart is soft as a cupcake because i fell in love… so it was such a joy when i found this Trompe L'oeil [i am a die-hard fan of this trick to the eye] t-shirt at Universal Studios…
i have two friends i havent seen in a while who fit better to this caracter [everyday look and personality] so this could be also considered a 'tribute' to them… i love them and i miss them.

a decir verdad amé la película de Mi Villano Favorito, me siento mas identificada con el personaje ahora porque estoy de un empalagoso que las hormigas no se como quitármelas de encima… pero pues no podia contener mi emoción cuando vi esta playera con el Trompe L'oeil [que da la impresión de ser lo que no es… me encanta esta tecnica] en Estudios Universales, y pues me la puse enseguida…
poor shoes… i swear after this LA trip they suffered some serious abuse and i think i will better start looking for a substitute…
[Chloé Susanna's, i'm looking at you… a girl can dream.]

[Dad's hat  +  CHANEL glasses  +  Universal Studios souvenir t-shirt  +  F21 pants  +  Lizzie Lo shoes]


  1. I so love these shoes!!

    1. thank you dear!
      sadly they are now officially dead to me, killed by my dear child…