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Jil Sander SS 2009 asymmetric leather sandals

long story short… i knew we where meant to be.
i saw this since last year, or maybe late 2011 and the eBay seller wouldn't ship to my current location…
i begged, until she gave in.

larga historia corta… sabia que teníamos que estar juntos.
las vi desde el año pasado, o desde finales del 2011 pero la vendedora en eBay no queria enviar a mi pais…
rogue, hasta que cedió.

my size, and my budget…

mi talla y mi presupuesto…

they may or may not be impossible to walk in, but i dont care.
they are perfect… slutty and sexy.

igual y sean imposibles de caminar, pero no me importa.
son perfectas… sexy y provocadoras.


  1. OMG! WHAT A GREAT FIND! I'm so jealous of you right now! love'em love'em!

    1. for me, Raf did a great job as the head designer at Jil Sander…
      all the shoes he put out there where pure perfection.
      i still wish i can find at least one pair of each season…

    2. I loved every collection from him! He's a genius! But I'm also happy for Jil being back at Sander. What do you say on Wang designing for Balenciaga?
      I must admit that I'm not very thrilled by this idea.

    3. Raf could be the deal-sealer for me to go to Industrial Design…
      he gave me the push i needed to understand that fashion is a discipline,
      that requires a wider perspective on design, manufacture, retail… a global approach.
      Alexander is a great puppet.
      that's not a bad thing, his mother owns the factory his pieces are made…
      he may be young, but he understands the fast consumption approach of the markets.
      however, his design ethics are not my kind of thing…
      i met him during his 'research' process… and i lost all respect.