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bat wings: we've all been there, done that…
however, there is something quite refreshing in this shirt which made fall for it.
call it the neck-button area or the fabric, that makes it drape and flow beautifully, but i couldn't help it but to get it in two colors…

ala de murciélago: todos lo hemos visto, hecho, y odiado…
pero hay algo en esta camisa que me atrajo como cual toro al capote.
puede ser el detalle en el cuello-botones o la tela, que la hace fluir hermosamente y arrugarse tambien, pero no pude evitar quererla en dos colores…
it's been quite a hectic day, starting the week with loads of to-do personal and work related stuff…

ha sido un dia muy ajetreado, empezando la semana con montañas de pendientes personales y laborales…
[MNG frames  +  Hussein Chalayan x UM batwing shirt  +  Zara jeans  +  Juicy Couture perfectly gifted pave pyramid stud bracelet  +  F21 pave pyramid rings   +  Dior Gris Trianon vernis   +  CK rings + Random jewelry  +  Balenciaga wedge loafers]


  1. Hi!
    I just got my Chanel glasses 3213! I love them, but I was wondering if you could show me a picture of the Chanel logo on the branch? Since I am not sure if the one I got is authentic.. :-/ The CC logo is white and protrude (?)

    Thank you!

  2. oh nevermind, I searched online and saw that the CC logo was like that haha! :) So it's good hehe!

    1. whoop i just saw your comments!
      so it means they made it safe to you!!!
      yes, it is 3D ans white sort of metallic plate