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breaking the blockage

under an existential crisis… bare with me.

bajo una crisis existencial… aguanten.
i wonder how many more questionings and endless sleepless nights can i take on a row…

me pregunto cuantos cuestionamientos interminables y noches sin dormir puedo llevar seguidas…
finding some minds alike can help the battle with our inner demons…
hopefully we don't have to fight them too.
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  1. hope everything's ok. you can drop me a line anytime you might feel like talking to a perfect stranger :) (unfortunately, I'm not a stranger to this stuff, but I've been learning to adopt a more optimistic outlook lately and it seems to help keeping the crises at bay).

    1. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
      you have no idea how much this means to me…
      you ain't no stranger! you are so special to me!!!
      every time i see you drop a line in this space you draw a smile on my face…
      quite romantic but true honest!!!
      love you and thanks, i feel like the insane amount of delicious food i had last night revived me…
      hope you enjoy what a night out on the holidays here taste like!!!