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Lizzie Lo + Fendi = Texture Madness

all iconic and statement pieces… finding a meeting point to balance each other. Like if they were separated at birth, and this was their encounter.

todas las piezas icónicas y manifestantes… encontrándose en un punto medio para balancearse entre ellas. Como si hubieran sido separadas al nacer, y este fue su reencuentro…
elegant, young, and versatile… i am in love.

elegante, juvenil y versátil… me enamore.
[Fendi leather dress  +  Fendi FW 07-08 reedition for the 15 years anniversary limited baguette  +  Fendi SS13 studded heels]

[Styling and Photography - Lizzie Lo]

[special thanks to Noe Padilla and the VIP salon]


  1. You know I usually hate the baguette, but you picked the right one. So many things could have gone wrong individually but you made them all work coherently. C'est parfait.

    1. oh your approval is giving me life!!!
      i love you!