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warming up…

for the past few weeks, involuntarily i have been forced to exit my comfort zone…
encounters with the past, meetings with my present and previews of what's to come;
most of the times i try to do this 'introspective' exercises in order to survive,
but i guess i have been quite passive and calm about myself that i needed to stop and stare.

en las semanas pasadas, involuntariamente he sido forzada a salir de mi zona de comfort…
encuentros con el pasado, citas con el presente y avances de lo que vendra;
la mayoría de las veces trato de hacer estos ejercicios de introspección para sobrevivir,
pero creo que estaba tan en paz y calmada conmigo misma que necesitaba detenerme y observar.

we never know why we 'coincide' with some people…
one of my wishes is to 'hit' the other person with positive energy,
but sometime we happen to be the not-so good side of the spectrum for others.

nunca sabemos porque 'coincidimos' con las personas…
uno de mis deseos es 'pegarle' a la persona con energia positiva,
pero de-repente nos toca ser el lado no-tan bueno para otros.
anywho, what's up with me and animal print?

[Chanel 3213 glasses  +  Simple by Trista hooded cape  +  Happy Socks leopard print  +  Givenchy zipper pumps]

[hey if you are sneaky as yours truly, here you can see what my day consisted of…
an event and friends elojodemartina/creare-anpic ]


  1. great photos, I love it how the backdrops are always in sync with your outfits!

    1. thank you so much!!!
      hahahahaha and i just thought i was going insane…