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Jil Sander SS 07 Runway hollow wedges

"I wanted energy," Raf Simons said of the Jil Sander collection that read as a mandate for sense and simplicity. []

"Quería energía" dijo Raf Simons de la colección de Jil Sander que se lee como un mandato de sentido y simplicidad. [

i guess that's an accurate description of what his work is… i remember seeing a woman wearing the same shaped heel in my hometown, in which is not usual to find people wearing 'designer' stuff, i asked where did she found them and told me they were Zara. It came as no surprise to me seeing that the universally flattering designs based on architectural simplicity where taking over the mass retailers… my heart was broken after Raf leaving the brand… however, it seems it was a natural move to see him woking his belgian wonders at Dior…
as a MMManiatic, i can see genius when i wear Simons version of irony.


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