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sometimes we all need to go back to the starting point.
as much as we all like to know what's next, new and better
things don't need much of a change. they worked because they are good.
Rick Owens [who has some mx blood running through] has a very set and distinct line…
some find it boring because they seem like the same done over and over again.
but i guess that's the beauty of his pieces. they are timeless. they never get old or go wrong.
i found this skirt in NY [can't wait to go back!] and i've dressed it up and today i dress it down;
all of the technical skills he developed for pattern making donated him the ability to engineer his own shapes.

[Hussein Chalayan top  +  Rick Owens skirt  +  Camper together by CAPARA loafers  +  HM blazer]


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