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You can't give what you don't have.
A couple of years ago i hit rock bottom, i couldn't understand the 'love yourself' thing;
until i realized through lots of in depth work, that love is a state of mind…
better yet, a perfect and pure state of heart + mind + spirit
Love is an universal feeling, but it's until we mix it with attitudes,
perceptions and fears that it changes the way we interact with the loved one…
in my personal case, it's a work of respect + honesty + responsibility
i am not saying i am THERE, but i'm on my way… it's an everyday thing.
Progress doesn't come from pleasure, but we must be aware to enjoy the process…
Luxury is such a relative perception, for me, it's the moments i give myself a bit of pampering;
where i forgive and acknowledge my flaws, embrace the human i am in the moment and space…
as Charles Bukowski said 'solitude is one of the most beautiful things on earth' but we must understand it doesn't mean isolating yourself from the ones who love you, its more of being in sync with yourself and be the best version of it. And then, you will reflect the love within you and embrace everyone around you.

Tangible beautiful things do not guarantee a perfect life, not at all…
i've been [and seen people i love] very miserable surrounded by Hermès…
sounds stupid, but you can't enjoy if you don't understand that those objects make you aware of your human existence… in a way they reflect how you respect and appreciate the space you are in.
Believe me, the best things in life are not things ;) #TREATYOSELF
One of the things i love the most about Hermès is the understated indulgent objects that are nurturing and understand the fact that time, silence and peace within yourself is the ultimate luxury.

i am so thankful to the Palacio de Hierro's team for this beautiful candle, it commemorates the opening of the ultimate flagship store in Mexico City!!!

Dear Santa:
This year i've been good all year.
Ok, most of the year.
Once in a while.
Never mind, i'll buy my own stuff.

That's the story of my life! i love to give myself all year round. i'm my own personal Santa.
But what i decided to gift myself was a clean debt-free start of the year.
Sale's are around the corner and i wish to be smarter with my investments ;)


  1. Hey, I miss your theatrical outfits and your space age heels. Come back for 2016!

    1. i am working on a couple of those, i hope you like them! ;)