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the real deal

As someone who loves to see her money hanging in her closet as a form of investing in fashion history, truth is on the daily i am not wearing my plastic kelly or the disco ball sandals…
those i keep for the exhibit i plan to have one day at a museum with all my collector pieces,
but in the mean time i need to wear realistic stuff for my reality, which is workworkwork;
because i wish i could dress as my inner 13 year old self [converse, cargo pants and tank tops]
but my rock and roller days are somewhat gone and i love to keep the attitude but with a western vibe.
Anywho, for some i may seem like the girl who's decked in labels, but bargain-hunter aside i shop at Zara and HM with the same method as in the luxury side of things; i respect and appreciate the stuff i hoard with the same care and love. The reason of this whole rambling is due to the fact that this look [which i repeat quite often…] makes me feel like a million bucks and i somehow know i give that impression whilst being a high-street [the glasses were an outlet find, so they count as affordable] total look.

[Ralph Lauren Collection western aviators  +  HM turtleneck  +  Zara wax coated jeans  +  Bvlgari save the children ring  +  Zara leather feather chain bag  +  Bershka western boot]


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