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My comfort zone was getting old, and lately i have been shaken off of it leaving me relatively close enough to see the marks it left and how they wont go away so easily… my edges are sharp and tarnished, but even though i am well aware that i could easily go back to square one and avoid facing what my inner self is truly trying to say i cant shut it down… anyways, that was the poetic intro that has been around ever since i took this pictures. I thought i was probably wearing something bland and boring, basic unworthy of being published, but i thought it could be justified.

[vintage Laura Biaggioti sunglasses  +  MAC velvet teddy  +  Hermès glam carrè Ex Libris by Hugo Grygkar in copper  +  vintage Chloé sweater  +  Loewe tan puzzle bag  +  Hermès collier de chien  +  Chanel vernis in beige  +  Isabel Marant corduroy pants  +  Zara old sandal boots]


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