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simple things

life gets complicated at times and adulting has to be done, but truth be told i love the contrasts of slowing down and going full speed… that's where i find my balance.
i feel as if by having those moments there is when i live life at it's fullest…
sometimes i get the guilt trip when all is being a capitalism slave and question my raison d'être, and as far as i have told myself the objects you surround yourself with do not define who you are, but at the end we live in a material world and those tangible pleasures do bring a sense of comfort… i guess that's the ultimate luxury, to enjoy the good stuff for your inner satisfaction.
a long time ago i started a journey of consciousness, which is a path i can't pull away from… so i decided to focus on quality rather than quantity, to know my limits and needs. i don't think a price tag is the key to success, actually i believe monetarian value do not always imply well being.
anyways, this was a random setup which ended up pleasing my eyes… i will share more of this stuff as i find myself in renewal time :)

and yes, Ella is doing better than ever, for those of you who've asked…
thank you for caring, at times my blog dynamic is very robotic, but i've got feelings… promise ;)


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