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🌱 spring fling 🌱

i guess this is the first time in years i got the 'spring is here' memo on time!!!
there is this trend in the masses to revisit those flow-y early 00's and i love a bit of a twist!
the off-the-shoulder tops are errrrwhere and i can't lie, i was craving it and caved in!!!
but the fact that this is a not-too-obvious kind of recreation made me jump to it without second thoughts.
i guess it was a no-brainer to revisit the early millennia years in a j-lo[ish] way, the cargo pants with the heels felt like they were made for each other; and you know what, that was my just-the-right-amount-of feminine vibes.
funfact: it was so windy i could have titled this 'gone with the wind' but i was feeling more flirty than dramatic so we will save that for later LOLS

[Zara asymmetric off-the-shoulder top  +  American Eagle paint splattered cargo pants  +  Hermès vinyl kelly bag  +  LOEWE knot bag charm  +  Fendi iridia pvc sandals]


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