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#bytheway : i get the frills

i find it quite interesting how a simple piece of fabric can change one's mood and outlook on life.
it may also be stated that fashion is for some a quick and easy form of self-expression and exploration, portraying the side of you that you want/need to be present and celebrate it…
as of late, i've been testing the waters with the more feminine side of me by embracing the cold-shoulder game, but me being me always finds a way to balance it out with some tough and edgy touches… i guess this top could go many different ways, and i feel i may have a couple more to play around with.
i rarely post outfits i get to wear on a specific event because i am always rushing to be at the place in time [i hate to be late] and give up on taking the time to scout for the location and spend 10-20 minutes dancing around hitting the remote's button; so that being said, this is technically not an accurate ootn because i wore this with straight hair and no sunnies for a dinner celebration but loved how comfortably chic this felt that i shamelessly repeated the next day with some waves and added the final details to 'perfect' it [as if something as simple as this needed to be intrinsically curated lol's]

[PRADA rimless sunglasses  +  MAC eyeshadow x 9 Navy Times Nine  +  MAC Versicolour  Lipstain  +  Chanel vernis in Graphite  +  HM frill top  +  Fendi By The Way bag  +  Zara wax coated jeans  +  Fendi honeycomb ankle boots]


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