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my blue-collar fetish has a new addition! and fun fact it does not involve a man in a suit…
i gave up on those, so instead i've subconsciously started a collection of shirts [blue and white]
they all have a twist and yet i do not own a good basic simple one, but who needs those when you can wear the funny looking ones!
loving living breathing existing [Jaclyn snapfam] for this oversized collar that sits in the middle of a boatneck and a off-the-shoulder… i sized up [theres XS and i got S] but a M would have dropped a little more perfect as a OTS but whatevs, ordered it online because it never landed in stores [by that time…] so i was not ready to go through the hassle of returns and wait for the next size…  anyways, i love it, the feel of the poplin and the details are so nice and premium can't believe it was this accesible! my love for fast fashion has been restored, i honestly cherish my high-street pieces the same as my high-end ones! they sit side-by-side and give me the same great feels ;)

in case anyone wondered why im single, this wink face is to blame!
can you spot the braces!? i've had them for 6 months and i can't wait for them to come off!!!
anywho, i felt the early 00's with the silver-blue liner, pin and baby blues vibes… they are coming back!

[PRADA rimless aviators  +  Zara off the shoulder collar shirt  +  Dior JUNON vernis  +  Zara white distressed jeans  +  Fendi petite 2jours in grey  +  LOEWE white knot key charm  +  Maison Martin Margiela flat heel pumps]


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