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i guess there is nothing more functional than a pair of khakis and a blue shirt.
however i, believe it or not, do not own a single basic piece in my wardrobe;
everything is a 'classic with a twist' and a 'play of proportions'
there are days i even forget they are somewhat offensive and wear them out for
when interacting with people do not include ruining my credibility.
any who, this attire [which resembles a tent] came out real easy…
i have proudly collected various blue shirts that have a nice detail/pattern/shape/cut
and most of them come from the HM sale rack, i must be lucky because i've found great pieces
and truth be told, i am obsessed with their studio/trend/premium lines

[MAC velvet teddy lipstick  +  HM blue squared shirt  +  Hermès collier de chien  +  LOEWE puzzle bag in tan  +  Comme des Garçons Homme Plus sarouel drop crotch pants  +  PRADA heels  +  Sally Hansen nail polish in All Bark]


  1. Great photos !
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  2. This is such a cool outfit - obsessing over that bag...

    Christina |

    1. thank you so much!!!
      it is indeed a great looking bag! love it!!!