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rasoir sharp

Laying my edges crisp and fresh…
This new [ish, i've had this for a couple of weeks now and still no regrets] under-shave is kind of badass and edgy. However, my aim was not to provoque weird looks; i mean, i am already good at doing so by my sartorial choices… but i did this because i wanted to start from scratch, and what a better way to do so than by getting rid of it all [i may question my decision later when it starts growing back and become a pain in my a**]
And me being me, when i let it out, i balance it all with pink, loads and loads of pink… and camo ;)

[Miu Miu gold rasoir sunglasses  +  Marc Jacobs Pop-Arazzi Kiss Pop lipstick  +  vintage camo parka  +  MLG pill pins  +  Sex Pistols tee from Walmart  +  Kenzo bangle  +  American Eagle Outfitters paint splattered khaki pants  +  Alexander Wang prisma tote  +  Fendi bag bug  +  Givenchy 'Olsen twin' chain boots]


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