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two is better than one

In true spirit of honesty and what not, i decided to share with you a fact that is as random as vital/crucial in my mind peace: everything comes in pairs
As a recurring theme in my closet and daily decisions, we could blame it on the stars and say it's part of my paradoxal personality [a true gemini] or that i am smart and go for the good things and get backups.
Maybe it's the fact that i am quite loyal, and even if i may seem adventurous and ever changing unpredictable, i stick with that i know and hold on to it as a kid does to their security blanket.
No, i am not trying to convince myself that this is a healthy behavior, nor that this is what i recommend you to do, but this is a simple revelation i came to understand when i hit the buy it now as soon as these pair popped up on eBay.

'if the shoe fits, buy it in every color' [but black is my favorite color ;) ]

oh and also, i finally got my hands on this master piece! found this on a true gem!!!


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