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tied up

sometimes i feel as though i've tied myself into a category that is somewhat hard to get off from,
wearing outrageous and somewhat unwearable outfits in a very editorial aesthetic makes me so happy, yet i live a 'realistic' life; working in a office from 9-to-6 and not living the blogger dream means i need to be 'functional' yet i like to look decent.
it is quite weird when IRL people who read my blog make assumptions that my OOTD must be worth millions LOLS! i have expensive taste, but i always find a way to make the most of my money and i love a good bargain. At the moment i am having a love affair with HM, i tell you the sale rack is where its at!!! it goes year long and yes, at times i leave empty handed and others i find more things than i was prepared to spend on, but they are worth it.
found this sweater and jeans after a failed event me and a friend where invited to at the mall, feeling quite disturbed by the situation we decided popping into HM to bring a sense of mind peace was what we needed and sooner than later i had found a couple of things and my friend knows me, and she knows that i [almost] never leave intact… [flying money emoji]

[Viktor & Rolf carré  +  HM side lace up sweater  +  Fendi BTW taupe bag  +  Loewe knot  +  LV tag  +  HM conscious wax coated jeans  +  Marni geisha flatforms]


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