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summer lovin

this will be a different manifesto to the ones i've stated before since many summers ago
after all these years, failed attempts to maintain stability by being isolated, misery loves company
and my company is awesome! friends that swept me off my feet by drawing smiles on my face 24/7
anyways, many of the documented moments have gone due to 'having too much fun' and forgetting to save the instastory!
still, i will try my best to snatch the best ones and share them as a form of 'diary' for some backstage contextualization

birthday ootd

many Kermit the frog memes

LOL-ing my way up

artsy conversations

feeling happy [what a revelation! i can smile!!!]

diz kidz

the alcohol consumption and effects

the best b*day mems

texting… Ü

some cool zhiz in the making!!!
work + play = winwin

distance wont tear us apart

anasofiarocu  +  ich_nore


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