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unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Glossier
i was[still am] a huge INTOTHEGLOSS fan! it was my go-to blog to lust after the top shelfs from the industry insiders with the best recommendations, and niche discoveries!
so i was quite enticed to say the least when i say Emily come out with a young and simple beauty line that has disrupted the system completely [only available online and in their awesome showroom!]
the experience is quite refreshing as soon as you walk in, the staff girls are wearing cute pink overalls and everything feels like a sleepover with new girl friends playing with beauty toys!
you decide what you want to take home and there is a list where you tick the stuff you want and head yourself into the counter and they prep the iconic pink pouch along with some stickers for you to personalize your bottles! and the best thing is that the products are good, and effective. win.


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