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10 years

so… it's here
my birthday and the blog's 10th year anniversary!!!
how? when? yeeeeez
well, if i had been asked where i'd see myself in 10 years on my 18th birthday
i would have never guessed i'd still be battling acne… lols
truth is, i've been considering on deleting myself from the internet and start from scratch
none would really miss me… lets be honest, i'm not the most read blogger.
there has been numerous lessons  learnt that i know would have not been possible without me being exposed to all the aspects putting yourself out there on the internet whilst being the weirdo i am.
to some, taking selfies would be a proper manifestation of a delusion of self-esteem where i flaunt my beauty, but to me, it has made me honest and humble when it comes to my flaws. 
i have taken a break, i stoped taking the mandatory ootd pics with the matching location and truth is, i missed it. but at the same time i know i have nothing else to say…
this quarter-life crisis is hitting hard, adulting.


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